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Cookie prices are per dozen and start at the following:


Plain Jane: $40/dozen

Minimal to no design.

*2 dozen minimum

Just Enough: $55/dozen

1-2 simple designs.

*2 dozen minimum

Ginger Special:

Starting at $70/dozen

1-4 Mid-level design detail work, simple florals, hand painting, and metallic accents.

All Out:

Starting at $90/dozen

Intricately detailed and highly customized hand painting, florals, metallic accents, and writing.  

Upon request,

individual wrapping $4 per dozen

There is a one-dozen minimum requirement for cookies. Keep in mind, these cookies are pretty dang big! Most are as big as your palm and thick in the center! We can always mix up tiers per dozen! If you follow the request form, I will let you know the tier and estimate your design will fall under if you need help with budgeting!

Signature Cakes start at the following:

6inch $40 ~~~Serves 12-18

8inch $55 ~~~ Serves 25-32

10inch $85 ~~~ Serves 38-50

Quarter Sheet $55 ~~~ Serves up to 24

Half Sheet $95 ~~~ Serves up to 54

Full Sheet $160 ~~~ Serves up to 117

Serving sizes depend on shapes of cake and how cake is cut.

Disclaimer: These prices do not reflect the pricing of a custom or wedding cake. Please contact me for a quote if you're interested in a custom or wedding cake. 


Start at $24 a dozen with a one dozen minimum order requirement. Price ranges on design and flavor choices. Any flavors listed on the Menu page are options!

Cupcakes based on the basic cupcake flavors list start at $36 per dozen for regular and $18 for mini.

Cupcakes based on the specialty cupcake flavors list start at $45 a dozen for regular and $28 for mini.

For regular-sized cupcakes, there is a one-dozen minimum order requirement, and for mini-sized cupcakes, there is a two-dozen minimum order requirement. Please keep in mind that custom cupcakes will increase the cost per dozen. 

Other Treats

Please reach out for more information on other desserts I offer such as meringues, brownies, buckeyes, and more!


Please note these few things

  • Most pricing will be a range estimate, for example $45-65. This is in the event the order takes less or more time than expected. I will notify you 24 hours prior of the final total. The complexity of design or request of multiple or types of flavors will raise the price of the order.

  • Deposit: I do require a 30% deposit (of the lowest estimated price) within 24 hours of the invoice being sent out. Please review and confirm invoice with me. 

  • Rush Fees: For non-wedding orders, I must have at least a 2 week notice and for wedding orders, I must have at least a months' notice. All rush orders will have a 25% rush fee. 

  • Proper Storage:

    • Cakes and cupcakes should be placed in a refrigerator 2-3 hours before serving to keep as fresh as possible. ​

    • When displaying cakes and cupcakes, make sure to have them in a cool, air-conditioned area and away from warm sunlight. 

    • Cookies can be stored in a ziplock bag for up to 3 months in the freezer! Let them thaw and enjoy! As good as the day they were baked, truly! 

    • Macarons should be stored in the refrigerator when not served. Macarons can also be stored in a ziplock bag for up to 3 months in the freezer. 

  • Travel

    • Disclaimer: Cakes and cupcakes must ONLY be placed in the well of the car or trunk, NEVER in the seat or lap of someone to avoid any damage. I suggest putting a blanket around the box to avoid sliding. Drive carefully if you are picking up (slow acceleration, stops, turns). I am not responsible and no refunds will be made for any accidents and/or damage done to any orders if it is a pickup order. Delivery is available to ensure your products get to you safely!​

    • For pickup orders, make sure the cake is placed in an air-conditioned car. 

    • Delivery is available for a fee (customized on where it needs to be dropped off.) I offer free delivery within Pickerington city limits! 

  • I am happy to be sent inspiration photos and work based on a design, but I will not copy another artist's work. 

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