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Please note the following​:

  • Not Allergy Free: GC&B foods may contain allergens. GC&B is not an allergy free bakery. Although happy to make accommodations, GC&B cannot guarantee there being absolutely no trace of allergens, therefore GC&B is not held liable for any illnesses. 

  • Wedding Order Retainer: There is a $100 retainer to secure the date and receive an official design. 

  • Deposit: A 30% deposit is required within one week of the invoice being sent out for all orders to secure your spot. Your order will not be confirmed until deposit is received.

  • Rush Fees: 25% rush fee. Wedding orders must have at least a month notice and non-wedding a 2-week notice.

  • Proper Storage:

    • Cake, Slices, and Cupcakes:

      • Freezing: Freeze for one hour. Remove from freezer and wrap twice in plastic wrap and once in foil. Lasts up to one year in freezer. 

      • Thawing: (If previously frozen, remove wrapping and place in refrigerator for two days uncovered.) Remove from refrigerator and to counter for up to 4 hours before serving. Enjoy!

      • Cupcakes: Leave cupcakes in packaging on counter. Placing cupcakes in refrigerator will dry them out! 

      • Displaying: Must be in a cool, air-conditioned area and away from direct sunlight. 

    • Cookies: Can be stored in a ziplock bag for up to 3 months in the freezer. Thaw for two hours.

    • Macarons: Store in refrigerator till serving. To freeze, place in ziplock bag up to 3 months, thaw for 15 minutes.

    • Cinnamon Rolls: Leave rolls in packaging on counter in a cool area away from any direct sunlight till serving. Placing rolls in refrigerator or freezer will dry them out!

  • Delivery: Any tiered cakes and all wedding orders are mandatory delivery. All other orders, delivery is available for a fee if order is over a $250 minimum before cost of delivery and taxes.

  • Inspiration: GC&B is happy to work based off of another artists' design but will not copy their work without crediting them, so please include the original artists' name if work is not GC&B's. 

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