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Classic Flavors

Create your own flavor combo! Choose a sponge, buttercream, or filling! 

Classic Sponges






Red Velvet


Classic Buttercream



Cream Cheese


Ganache  (Extra $1.00 per slice)

White or Semi Sweet Chocolate Ganache

Fillings (Extra $0.50 per slice)




Lemon Curd

Pecan Pie

German Custard


Dark, Milk, or White Chocolate

Specialty Flavors

These flavors are already full-proof! Have questions on flavors? Please reach out!


***Caramel Apple

***Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Brown Butter Carrot Cake

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan

Chocolate Orange

Cream Cheese Gingerbread


Fun Flavors

***Sea Salt Buckeye (Available in Bourbon Chocolate)

***Strawberry Champagne

Boston Cream

Campfire S'more

German Chocolate

Salted Caramel


***Honey Lemon Blueberry

***Lemon Lavender

Strawberry Shortcake

(July-Sept) Spiced Peach

Coconut Lime

Chocolate Sangria

Baileys Irish Cream

Ask about Gluten Free and Dairy Free options!


Classic Flavors start at $36 per dozen for regular and $18 per dozen for mini. 

Specialty Flavors start at $45 per dozen for regular and $28 per dozen for mini. 

2 dozen per flavor minimum order requirement for regular sized cupcakes. 

4 dozen per flavor minimum order requirement for mini sized cupcakes.

Please note, custom cupcakes will increase the cost per dozen.


Decorate Sugar Cookies

Cookies are priced by the dozen and start at the following:

All Out:

Starting at $90/dozen

Intricately detailed and highly customized hand painting, florals, metallic accents, and writing.  

Ginger Special:

Starting at $70/dozen

1-4 Mid-level design detail work, simple florals, hand painting, and metallic accents.

Just Enough: $55/dozen

1-2 simple designs.

*2 dozen minimum

Plain Jane: $40/dozen

Minimal to no design.

*2 dozen minimum

Individual wrapping $4 per dozen, upon request.

Keep in mind these cookies are pretty big, most as big as your palm and thick in the center! We can mix up to two tiers to fit your budget. If you follow the request form, I will let you know the tier your design falls under if you need help with budgeting!

Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies

$20 a dozen with a two dozen minimum order requirement. Made with premium semi-sweet chocolate, these cookies are unlike any other you've had before. Chewy center, cripsy edges, and baked to perfection. Available with caramel for an extra $3 per dozen.

Other Desserts


Start at $24 a dozen with a two dozen minimum order requirement with up to two flavors per two dozen. .Prices range on design and flavor

choices. Any flavors listed on the Menu page are flavor options!

Cinnamon Rolls

$50 per dozen. These rolls are HUGE! They make for a wonderful birthday or "thank you" treat. Also available in apple or pecan. These are my favorite dessert on the menu!


Drops: $24 per three dozen 

Pops: Starting at 24 per dozen. Price ranges on design.

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