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Cookie Pricing

Cookie prices are per dozen and start at the following:

Plain Jane: $40/dozen

Minimal to no design.

*2 dozen minimum

Just Enough: $55/dozen

1-2 simple designs.

*2 dozen minimum

Ginger Special:

Starting at $70/dozen

1-4 Mid-level design detail work, simple florals, hand painting, and metallic accents.

All Out:

Starting at $90/dozen

Intricately detailed and highly

customized hand painting, florals,

metallic accents, and writing.  

Upon request, individual wrapping is $4 per dozen

Keep in mind these cookies are pretty big, most as big as your palm and thick in the center! We can mix up to two tiers to fit your budget. If you follow the request form, I will let you know the tier your design falls under if you need help with budgeting!

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